Immersive depth.

Welcoming intellect.

Ethereal elements.

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TITANOSAUR 3D The Story of Maximo Trimmed
NASA | The Ocean: A Driving Force for Weather and Climate
Runaway Slaves Built This Fort to Defend Their Freedom
University of South Florida | Be Bold
Pepco History TV Spot
Corporate Voiceover: Epoch, Inc.
TITANOSAUR 3D The Story of Maximo Trimmed
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NASA | The Ocean: A Driving Force for Weather and Climate
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Runaway Slaves Built This Fort to Defend Their Freedom
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University of South Florida | Be Bold
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Pepco History TV Spot
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Corporate Voiceover: Epoch, Inc.
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Raymond Hearn voice actor


Raymond Hearn is an African American voice actor and storyteller who speaks with the authority, warmth, and trustworthiness to turn listeners into believers. Raymond has spent years honing his craft, training with Edge Studio (NY), Studio Theater Acting Conservatory (DC), Washington Improv Theater (DC) and top voice over coaches like Dave Fennoy, Dave Walsh and Thomas Pinto — to name a few. His work ethic and quest for growth know no bounds.

Raymond’s long list of credits include audiobook narrations, documentaries, and exhibits at prestigious institutions like the Smithsonian Museum of African American History and Culture. He has also worked with universities, government organizations, and brands like Blue Cross Blue Shield and Dicks Sporting Goods. His advanced training and varied experience allows him to stand out across a wide range of genres and mediums. With a degree in industrial engineering and a 30-year career in information technology consulting, Raymond possesses the rare ability to unravel complex technical and business terms and make them understandable to all. Give him a whiteboard and markers, and he becomes a walking, talking explainer video – speaking of which, he’s your go-to-guy for E-learning, too!

Beyond the studio, Raymond’s journey travels to the depths of the Caribbean and Pacific as a PADI certified advanced scuba diver. A husband and father of two teenagers, a DIY home improvement aficionado who can navigate Home Depot like a pro, and a science fiction buff, Raymond is not just a voice; he’s a tapestry of experiences and interests that enrich every project he touches.

Let the Voice Supreme enrich your story with immersive depth, welcoming intellect, and ethereal elements that will inspire and captivate your audience.


dhs voiced by Raymond Hearn
the us marine corps voiced by Raymond Hearn
washington gas voiced by Raymond Hearn
padi voiced by Raymond Hearn
university of maryland voiced by Raymond Hearn
smithsonian channel voiced by Raymond Hearn
epoch concepts voiced by Raymond Hearn
delmarva power voiced by Raymond Hearn
the nature conservancy by Raymond Hearn
goddard space center voiced by Raymond Hearn
dick's voiced by Raymond Hearn
nmaahc voiced by Raymond Hearn
amazon web services voiced by Raymond Hearn
field museum voiced by Raymond Hearn
cdc voiced by Raymond Hearn
cloudera voiced by Raymond Hearn
the NAACP voiced by Raymond Hearn
6sense voiced by Raymond Hearn
bcbs voiced by Raymond Hearn
the us army voiced by Raymond Hearn

Andy Wood, Senior VP/Producer at Giant Screen Films & D3D Cinema

Raymond narrated one of my recent documentary films, delivering a very strong reading. It was just what the doctor ordered! He was very professional and efficient, willing to take direction and try different narration styles. I would certainly recommend Raymond for VO work and hope to have an opportunity to engage his services on future projects.

Lisa Williams, Performance Consultant (E-Learning), Bancroft Technology Group

Raymond has a wonderful voice! A professional, yet warm sound–perfect for the online training courses I produce. However, the thing that really sets Raymond apart is his fabulous can-do attitude. He consistently exceeds my expectations in terms of the timeliness and quality of his work. I hope to work with him for many years to come!

Mark Devito, President, Exec. Creative Director, The Gigawatt Group

In the voice over business there are many, many options, but it’s often hard to find just the right one. Raymond was easy to work with and he took direction exceptionally well. He took the time to understand what the central messaging was of the creative work (which many do not), which led to the success of our advertising. Not to mention he’s got a wonderful, and unique voice! I would hire him again in a heartbeat – and plan on it!!

Zane Sporrer, Director of Immersive Experiences

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Raymond on my latest video project, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the results. His exceptional talent brought the script to life with such depth and authenticity that it elevated the entire production. Not only did he showcase his remarkable voice, but a professionalism and dedication to capturing the essence of each line. Being able to schedule a live read with the client present made the entire experience very smooth as he would make changes live as was needed, even going so far as to ad-lib a few words that made it into the final video! I’ve worked with many Voice Actors in the past, and Raymond surpassed all expectations. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a voice actor who can infuse their projects with passion, skill, and professionalism.

Jessie Stormer, 3D Artist & Immersive Experience Designer, Stormer Creative

I look forward to working with you on future projects! You are definitely on my short-list of actors that I will request for sample reads, and recommend to others.

Angela Stork, Creative Director at Pyper, Inc.

Raymond was exactly who we were looking for in a VO artist for our client’s TV spot. He went above and beyond to allow our team to sit in on a live read so we could nail the recording in just a few takes. I highly recommend Raymond for his talent, his warmth and professionalism, and his ability to produce great work on a very tight turnaround.


This is where the magic happens! Located in the heart of Downtown Durham, NC, my studio boasts cutting-edge technology and professional-grade equipment to guarantee an immersive, intelligent and ethereal voice delivery devoid of any background noises or distortions.


  • Vocalbooth.com Gold Series Isolation Booth with “VO Acoustics Kit”
  • Audio Technica AT4033/CL Condenser Microphone
  • Yamaha AG03 Digital Interface
  • Mac Mini M2 Computer
  • Twisted Wave & Adobe Audition DAW
  • beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO 80 Headphones
  • Mogami Gold Cables


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